Meaty Misunderstanding: Stolen turkeys lead cops on wild goose chase

Meaty Misunderstanding: Stolen turkeys lead cops on wild goose chase

STREETSBORO, OH (WOIO) - Streetsboro Police have solved the case of the "taken turkeys."

On Monday, 19 Action News reported that a hungry and heartless thief made off with hundreds of Thanksgiving meals meant for the needy.  A police report was made around 1:00 p.m. after Malinda Pearl Davis, who runs the Streetsboro Christian Cupboard, showed up at the Streetsboro Valvoline Oil to pick up some donated Thanksgiving meals and they were gone.

Cops say a person showed up before her, at about 10:30 a.m., and said his wife told him to pick up the dinners.  The employees helped him load the dinners into the person's vehicle and he left.

Then Tuesday, 19 Action News with the help of Columbus Businessman Craig Sutherland delivered 13 fresh turkeys to help replace the stolen food.

But the story doesn't end there.  Wednesday, Streetsboro Police released the following statement:

After a thorough investigation it has been determined that the turkey dinners were taken by mistake by another food pantry in Streetsboro:  The Community Pantry with the United Methodist Church of Streetsboro.  Volunteers for the Community Pantry made the mistake of thinking the dinners were meant for their organization and it was determined that there was no criminal intent when the dinners were taken, only a misunderstanding.  Therefore, no criminal charges will be filed.

Fortunately, in this case, the missing dinners were donated to families that were in need and the donations to all food pantries have increased.  Today employee organizations from the Streetsboro Police Department, the Streetsboro Fire Department and the Streetsboro Service Department each donated $200 for a total of $600 to the Christian Cupboard to replace the meals that went missing.

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