Last minute: Thanksgiving grocery rush

Last minute: Thanksgiving grocery rush

Thanksgiving grocery rush is usually just hours before the big meal.

We've all been there, rushing to get ready for that turkey feast and the mad dash to get some of those final items to complete the meal can be stressful.

Wednesday afternoon the parking lot at the Giant Eagle on W117th Street was packed with cars and shoppers.  "I'm getting all my baking done tonight," says Shelley Fasulko.

Some of the top things shoppers forget on their list and have to come back to the store to pick up include potato chips, cool whip, extra ice, seasonings, dinner rolls and toilet paper.

"Really?  Why would you need toilet paper on Thanksgiving?  Oh, never mind, never mind." says John Ponsford.

Most shoppers make a couple trips back and forth to the store for that all important meal.

"I have everything I need at home already.  No more trips back to the store," says Sondra Williams.

So hopefully after all that rushing around, you'll have everything on your list -- with the end result being a tasty meal enough to be thankful for.

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