The rivalry between the Browns and the Steelers

The rivalry between the Browns and the Steelers
Fans tailgating Sunday
Fans tailgating Sunday

It's the game Browns fans wait for every year all season long - the day things get extra tough in the Muni lot for anyone wearing yellow and black.

"Five years ago they tried to knock me over in the bathroom.  I swore I wouldn't come back.  I am here today having fun," said Jeff Miller, a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

The Browns-Steelers rivalry has been known to pit friend against friend - even cause marital strife!

"One time at a bar he pushed me off a chair, and I fell on my feet," that's what Julie Sovesky-Herberth says happened with her husband once when her Steelers were scoring big against the Browns.

The stories go on and on. In fact, a winning season isn't a winning season unless it includes a victory against the Steelers.

"This is the only game we really care about, the people at the top - they care about all of them, but I only care about this one," says Lamar Lundy of Cleveland.

Fans threaten they will not renew their season tickets without a win against Pittsburgh. Bragging rights are on the line.

"This is our season here - no matter what," says Brian Phelps of Mentor.

Funny thing is - no matter who wins or loses - the rivalry just seems to heat up even more.

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