Browns fans celebrate win over Steelers

Browns fans celebrate win over Steelers

It has not happened very often so when it does you are going to have to forgive Browns fans for getting a little excited about beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"Anytime you beat the Steelers it's a great thing," claimed Frank Foti.

The Browns defense was relentless, forcing eight Steeler turnovers in a 20-14 victory over the dreaded Steelers.  Browns fan Julian Cromity savored every moment, "I was very excited it was good to see and they gave Pittsburgh a taste of their own medicine.  They've been a pretty good defensive team the last few years and it was nice to see them get them back."

The Browns offense did not do a whole lot with all those turnovers they forced, but they did just enough to win the game.

"I am tired of people saying it was an ugly win.  A win is a win is a win especially when it's the Pittsburgh Steelers," said longtime Browns fan Jackie Griffin.

Nothing like a win over the Steelers to get Browns fans fired up about the future.  The immediate future includes a game in Oakland on Sunday.  The Browns may be without quarterback Brandon Weeden who suffered a head injury late in the game.  We may see Colt McCoy get his first start of the season.

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