Retailers scramble to give you deals

Retailers scramble to give you deals

AVON, OH (WOIO) - So you didn't do "Gray Thursday," "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday."  Don't worry, according to websites like retailers will be scrambling over the next couple of weeks to get your money with deals.

Right now retailers are trying to determine how the first rounds of holiday sales have gone before offering up the next round of sales.

On-line sales and free shipping will more than likely continue for the next couple of weeks. Keep in mind shopping started a week earlier than most years because of thanksgiving being so early.

"Typically look at a bunch of websites and put them up against each other a little bit. when you're on sites like Amazon you see a wide variety of suppliers on a site," one Cyber Monday shopper told us.

Your smart phone is now probably the best shopping tool you have. There are several apps that scan barcodes, and show you in seconds where the cheapest website or bricks and mortar stores is that has your item. Among the best are RedLaser and Google Shopper apps.

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