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Community comes together for Emilliano Terry

Emilliano Terry Emilliano Terry
Community comes together for Emilliano Terry Community comes together for Emilliano Terry
Memorial for Emilliano Terry Memorial for Emilliano Terry

Hundreds showed up for a vigil in Cleveland's Kossuth Park to remember three-year-old Emilliano Terry.  Terry was found dead Monday night at a recycling plant in Oakwood Village. 

At the vigil remembering Emilliano, a community struggles to explain why his young life was taken.

"God has his angel now, he wanted him.  Evidently he wanted him because he'd still be here if he didn't," said the victim's grandmother.

Emilliano's family is upset they didn't see it coming and do something to stop it.

"It's worse when you feel like it's partially your fault because you weren't there," said the victim's father, Shawn Dotson.

Among the crowd, many young mothers who've also felt desperate and needed help.

"If she reached out for help, why didn't anybody helped her?  It's just a sad situation.  I'm just at a loss for words about it," said Jennifer Drummond.

Others, who were also in the system, say it failed Emilliano's mother, Camilia Terry.

"Nobody really knows her situation so I can't speak on her, but it's just sad because she had a son who had to go through this," said Candice Johns.

"It's not all about the system, it is what you make out of life," said concerned mother Tanya Ballard.

Parents like Ballard, who brought her children to the vigil, promised something like this wouldn't happen to them. She says there's only one victim here.

"I feel that she is the suspect. The baby is innocent. They don't know any better and you have to be the parent, take care of them and love them unconditionally no matter what," said Ballard.

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