Browns Locker Room Talk: Jackson, Richardson, Weeden

Browns Player Quotes (Jackson, Richardson and Weeden) 11-28-12

D'Qwell Jackson:

(On winning the AFC Defensive Player of the Week award) – "(What was) Most important was getting a win against a rival and for the city of Cleveland. They deserved it. I know it has been a rocky year for everybody. To get a win makes it a little bit better, but it was great for the community and great for the young guys in this locker room to get a win against a rival like Pittsburgh."

(On possibly getting more personal recognition for his overall play if he played for a team with a better record) – "That's something you think about after the season, but I'm not about personal accolades. It's great, don't get me wrong. I put a lot of pride into what I do and I'm passionate about what I do. I love what I do and I love playing here in the city of Cleveland. It's all about everyone in this locker room and the coaches. It's a little bit better when you win games and as you guys know, there have been some rocky years at times. We had a great week last week hopefully we can carry it over to Oakland, get another win and start a streak here."

(On how Carson Palmer has changed over the years) – "He's still capable. He's still capable of making every throw on the field. He has a great arm. It's a lot (that) goes into a season from a quarterback's standpoint. A lot of his games, he's been playing from behind, so it's forced him to do thing that they don't want to do. Like the Cincinnati game, they jumped out on them pretty early so they were forced to pass the ball a little bit more. Carson Palmer, I've played against him for many years over in Cincinnati. He's still willing and able to make those throws and be successful in this league."


Trent Richardson:

(On if he is looking forward to taking on the Oakland Raiders defense) – "Oh yeah. I look forward to taking on every defense that we play against. This team here has one of my idols as far as being a leader and that I know, Rolando McClain. He played with me at Alabama and he was an idol for me because he was a big leader and a big voice at Alabama."

(On if he thinks the offense will have a game where everything clicks offensively and the offense explodes) – "I think it's a day coming when we're winning games. That's how I define everything as being perfect. There are no perfect days in this world as far as being on the offensive side or just playing football. You never know, someone might be injured, something might happen. We might catch two passes and score three touchdowns, but we don't make one on the last drive that we need it on. When it comes to stuff like that, you really can't predict the future that you hope would be a perfect day. It's really not a perfect day unless you win the game."

(On if he senses that something has changed with this team coming off of the win against Pittsburgh that the team can build on) – "I think it's coming together more, but like I said, it's only one game. I can't judge the whole season on one game. If we could play a one game season it wouldn't be the game of football. For us, we've got to put that in the past and we've got Oakland now, so we've got to play this like it's a championship game."

Brandon Weeden:

(On what it was like playing Pittsburgh for the first time) – "I think just growing up looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers; the first thing I think about is the defense. To be the quarterback going against that defense, I knew it was going to be a challenge. You can't get overwhelmed in the moment. You've got to kind of stay the course. They are a great defense and very well coached. You can't let it be bigger than the stage you're already on. I understood the rivalry. I understand the passion with our fans and their fans, and a rivalry that's kind of become what it is. I was really more than anything more excited to play them."

(On how he thinks he has progressed as a decision maker) – "Progressing. Throughout the course of the year I think I've gotten better. Every game there's going to seem like areas where I try to fit balls into tight windows. One, that's how we draw them up, we know the coverage we've got, I know what we're in. I'm trusting my guy to make a play and win. That's kind of the confidence factor between me and the receiver, there's a lot that goes in to that. There's a couple of out routes that they covered real well, undercut and had to dive to knock down. Stuff like that. Overall, I think pretty well. I think my comfort level and understanding of this offense and what we're trying to do week in and week out, I think more than anything, kind of enables me to learn and progress as far as making right decisions. Knowing where to go with the football and stuff like that."

(On what they have to do to win two in a row that they weren't able to do after their last two wins) – "I think finish and play well in the fourth quarter. As a team, I think collectively we found a way to finish against the Steelers. We weren't able to do that against Dallas, we weren't able to do that early against Baltimore. There were times we've been close and we weren't able to finish. I think when it comes crunch time late in the game (and) it's (the) fourth quarter, just do like we did on Sunday and find a way to finish. However we do it, whether it's pretty or ugly. There's not ugly wins. I feel like a win, is a win, is a win, is a win and that's the way I personally look at it."