Editorial Response: Ingrid Nelson

Editorial Response: Ingrid Nelson

Hello, my name is Ingrid Nelson responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about puppy mills.

I support the elimination of puppy mills and the ending of abuse and inhumane conditions of tens of thousands of dogs and puppies who are forced to endure, every day of their lives, inhumane treatment at the hands of cruel breeders and sellers.

Dogs and puppies live day after day in small cages that are too small for them to stand up in.  They are scared and hungry and most are injured or ill.  While other respected animal-care industries require licensing and accountability – these breeders and sellers laugh all the way to the bank with no restrictions.

It's our duty as a society to speak out against the puppy mills.  Please sign petitions.  Let your government officials know you support making puppy mills illegal.

It is important to send a message to our children that such abuse is not acceptable, and it is not ok to allow any person to benefit at the cost of other's suffering.

Thank you.

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