New details in the mother charged with child's death

New details in the mother charged with child's death

New details in the case of the mother charged in her child's death.

Three days after little Emilliano's mother reported him missing, Cleveland investigators charged her with aggravated murder. Detectives say more charges could follow for Camilia Terry once the grand jury gets the case. " We have reason to believe that was the little guy in that bag. We have reason to believe that she was with him when something took place," says Deputy Chief Ed Tomba.

Where, when, and how the child was killed detectives say is still unclear.  Terry's not talking and neither is her lawyer.

Sources tell 19 Action News Emilliano Was beaten. Investigators are looking for clues in Terry's apartment at 130th and Buckeye, Hoping to find some answers. "A hair sample on a swab from the suspect, that would be used for DNA for comparison," says Deputy Chief Tomba.

The medical examiner says DNA will help to positively identify the child. His body showed signs of decomposition. " Part of the investigation is really just getting a time line potentially, and trying to sort out some of those factors, says Doctor Thomas Gilson.

Investigators aren't stopping at the apartment, they're not leaving any stone unturned. "We're pulling videos from the street. We're pulling any place that we think she was in the neighborhood to see if she was with all three kids," says Deputy Chief Tomba.

The Department of Children and Family Services has custody of Terry's two children.  Terry will make her first court appearance Thursday morning.

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