Dog shot twice, chained to tree and left for dead

Dog shot twice, chained to tree and left for dead
Mastiff found shot and chained to tree
Mastiff found shot and chained to tree
When a dog walker visited Forest Hill Park in Cleveland Heights Monday, November 26, she never guessed what she would come across.
The woman discovered a dog that had been shot and chained to a tree, then left to die.
According to a worker at the Public Animal Welfare Society, who saw dog as well, the pup had been shot once in his shoulder and once in his mouth.
"I cried myself to sleep for two nights," said Anne Trupo.

Anne Trupo still finds it hard to believe that someone would be so cruel to the 200 lb. Mastiff. 

In fact, Anne said that on Sunday evening she heard four shots coming from the woods at Forest Hill Park. Of course she didn't go to see what it was all about -- then Monday, that's when the gruesome discovery was made.

"Then the next day I got a call from a friend who had come upon the Mastiff who had been chained and shot," said Anne Trupo.

19 Action News talked to the vet who treated him.  He removed a large caliber slug from his shoulder and the other bullet shattered when it hit the Mastiff's jawbone.  Fortunately, it didn't brake the bone, but fragments of it are still in there.

The dog was taken to Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.  It will remain there until its well enough to be adopted out.

"I've been round and round about who and why and it just doesn't make any sense.  It's sick and sadistic," said Anne Trupo.

PAWS wants you to help name the injured pooch.  They are also hoping to find him home. 

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