Police Chase and Shooting, Warm Weekend, How the Govt. Wastes Your $

suspect's vehicle
suspect's vehicle

A high-speed police chase through Cleveland concluded with the shooting death of two people Friday morning. Police began chasing the suspects around 10 p.m. Thursday night, and followed them to the parking lot of Heritage Middle School on Terrace road in East Cleveland. That's when a shoot out began between the suspects and police. Cars in the parking lot were pummeled with bullet holes. Two suspects were killed. No details on why they began pursuing the suspects. Police confirmed that Heritage Middle School will not be open today.

Storm track continues to stay north of us as we continue to warm into the weekend. The next disturbance will bring showers on Sunday. A few isolated showers will linger around on Monday with the wind out of the south bringing temperatures into the low 60s. The transition day will be Tuesday with a cold front bringing rain. Wednesday will be noticeably colder with highs back in the 40s.

TODAY: Mostly cloudy and warmer. High: 49 Wind: SE at 5-10 mph

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Low: 37 Wind: SE at 5 mph

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy. High: 54

One thing the federal government is very good at is spending your money. The current national debt of over $16 trillion proves the government can spend all you have and more. The deficit this fiscal year will exceed $1 trillion with projected annual deficits exceeding that amount for as far as the eye can see. With that kind of exploding debt, you might think your representatives in Washington appreciate the need to crack down on wasteful spending. As this article will demonstrate, that's wishful thinking. One recent example was an $800,000 Las Vegas party thrown by the General Services Administration to "streamline the administrative work of the federal government." While this extravagant waste of taxpayer money made news headlines everywhere, most do not. In February we showed you seven ways the U.S. Government wasted money in 2011; click here for five more examples of how your money was squandered in 2012.

Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager