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A casino Christmas!

Horseshoe Casino's Christmas decorations Horseshoe Casino's Christmas decorations

If you walk in to the Horseshoe Casino at ground level it will be the first thing you notice, the beautiful arches that run down the middle of the main floor.

The arches are part of a Christmas walk down memory lane that the Horseshoe has put together.  

"We were able to look at historical photos and learned that Higbees had arches way back when. We rebuilt the arches, trimmed them with garland and hoisted them up with cranes overnight," said Horseshoe project director Richard Hartman.

During construction of the casino, workers found the original thirty five foot tree that was the centerpiece of the Higbee Christmas tradition.  The tree was reinforced structurally and all nine thousand lights were replaced and it now sits on top of the awning at the Public Square entrance.

Workers also found three other smaller original trees and they were refurbished and our now part of the display.  Designers also noticed the bells that hung from the main lobby and using the old pictures had replicas built and hung.

Cynthia Klein, from Room 2 Room, a Cleveland design company was hired to bring it all together, "It's been a lot of fun, a phenomenal experience. Everyone has been enthusiastic and excited, from the patrons to the Horseshoe to our team."

Even if you're not a gambler, it's worth a look.

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