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Tis' the Season: Best time to buy before Christmas

Target, Fairview Park Target, Fairview Park

If you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales don't worry, there are still great deals to be had out there.

But for you bargains hunters do you really know when to stake out the stores for the absolutely best deals?

"I would say I guess the week before too, to get that last push for shoppers," said one shopper.

Sounds good and she's partially right but there are actually very specific time spans that can reap you the biggest bargains.  For clothes, December first, until Christmas Eve.  For toys, now until December seventh.

"Oh, I would never have known that.  I can see the clothes but toys I didn't realize it was that early," said Julie Mennen.

To be sure there are great deals all over the place, like here at at Target in Fairview.  No matter what you're looking, clothing for the family, toys for the kids, electronics for the home, you can walk out with saving.  But it's best to know when to buy those converted items you've been dreaming of.

"The best time to buy electronics are December 14-17th," said Augie Mennen.

Last minute shopping habits can be costly.  Don't wait thinking you're going to score some special deal for your sweetie.  Prices actually spike just before Christmas Eve, which is when many husbands rush out to buy jewelry.  Remember, shop for jewelry December 15-22.  

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