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New developments in the case of little Emilliano Terry

Camilia Terry Camilia Terry

19 Action News is tracking new developments in the case of little Emilliano Terry.

The autopsy revealed old injuries to the abused boy.

Friday, detectives went back to E. 130th and Buckeye in Cleveland -- the apartment of Camilia Terry.  Police have said they think that is the crime scene, where Emilliano died yet they are still not sure. 

Police are taking a closer look for clues with the Medical Examiner's office.  A prosecutor has said the boy had a fractured skull, broken ribs and more.  But we've learned he had signs of old injuries too, including a broken arm.

Emilliano was found dead in plastic bags at a trash transfer station.

Investigators do not think his injuries came from bouncing around in a truck or trash compacter. 

Emilliano's mom, Camilia Terry originally reported her 3-year-old son Emilliano missing Sunday afternoon, a day later his body was found at a garbage plant in Oakwood Village.

She is jailed on $2 million bond.

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