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Fast food fight in Ohio City

Protestor in Ohio City Protestor in Ohio City

Dozens of Ohio City residents are protesting McDonald's plan to set up shop on the corner of Lorain and Fulton Avenues.

"We want something that is going to be sustainable for the future of the people who come into Ohio City and live," says Alan Mancuso.

Ohio City is known as an artisan neighborhood.  Those against the fast food restaurant in their backyard say they won't back down.  "We have a lot of wonderful restaurants that are buying either from the Westside Market or they're buying from a lot of local farmers, and we want to bring a lot of healthy choices into the neighborhood," says Mancuso.

Councilman Joe Cimperman also taking a stand.  "The residents are saying we're concerned about the traffic.  We're concerned about the noise, the immensity and I think it's time for people to listen to the residents," says Cimperman.

This isn't the first time a community has made it clear they don't want the golden arches'.  This was the scene last year in Lakewood residents protesting outside the Detroit Theater, but, McDonald's ended up winning.  The restaurant opened last month.

As for the latest fight, Ohio City residents hope they'll end up on top.

McDonald's hopes to open next spring, but, it will be a lengthy process. 

A community meeting will be held December 11 at 6:30 pm at the Franklin Circle Church in Ohio City where McDonald's representatives will be in attendance.

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