Relatives of victim in deadly police shooting speak out

Relatives of victim in deadly police shooting speak out
Malissa Williams
Malissa Williams

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The family members of the victims in this week's police shooting are understandably upset. Malissa Williams' relatives believe she is an innocent victim.

It was the unenviable task of her aunt and cousin to go help identify Williams at the coroner's office.

"They said they couldn't see her because she was so mangled...the gun shots to her face and body," said Williams' cousin, Renee Robinson.

Upon hearing that police did not find any weapons at the scene, her family was even more upset that so many shots were fired at Malissa and the other person in the car, Timothy Russell.

"What I saw, it was uncalled for.  It took that many cops and that many bullets, to shoot at them, and kill them?" said Williams' aunt, Dorothy Sigelmier.

"One hundred and thirty-seven shots. Do you think that was appropriate?" Robinson asked.

"I think proper protocol wasn't taking place," said the victim's uncle, Walter Jackson Sr.

They admit the mother of two had her issues, but they don't believe she deserved to meet such an ugly fate.

"She was beautiful human being.  She was sweet," said Robinson.

And they want to see justice carried out.

"I want to see the investigation and I do want them punished because you took a family member from us," she said.

"This is not about to be swept under the rug," said another cousin, Charlotte Robinson.

Malissa's family tells me they plan to bring this case to the NAACP.

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