Police searching for suspect after SWAT standoff

Standoff at West 120th & Lorain in Cleveland
Standoff at West 120th & Lorain in Cleveland

Two suspects have been arrested after an overnight shooting on Cleveland's west side.  Police say a third suspect got away.

According to police, just after midnight Monday, shots were fired from a car toward a house in the area of West 121st and Triskett.

A Cleveland police officer was in the area on an unrelated domestic violence call when he heard the call about shots fired.  Just then, an SUV with three men pulled into the same parking lot where the officer was at W. 120th and Lorain Ave.

Two of the suspects ran into the building at that location, and the third ran away.  When the officer looked at the vehicle, a T-shirt was covering the license plate and he saw a rifle through the window, partially covered by a plastic bag.

The officer called for back-up.  The SWAT team was brought in, and it became a standoff with the suspects inside the apartment.

After a few hours, the cops were able to arrest both men.  There happened to be a third man inside the same apartment.  He had warrants for his arrest, so he was taken into custody as well.

No one was injured in the shooting or the standoff.  The one suspect remains at large.

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