Dispatch Notes: What happened during deadly chase

Dispatch Notes: What happened during deadly chase

19 Action News has learned what Cleveland Police dispatchers were typing during a 25 minutes chase that ended with police killing two people in the suspect's car with a hail of gunfire.

Early in the chase one dispatcher wrote that a passenger was pulling a gun or pointing gun. Less than a minute later he stated that he will fire.

But a few minutes later he does not have a gun in his hand.  Then this about a minute after that we hear something about a red pop can.  A pop can in his hand.

Yet moments later the passenger was reaching for something.  Then we hear the passenger was holding weapon or possibly loading weapon.

During the chase dispatchers also note a lost tire on the runaway car.  The car also went in the grass on E. 72.  Then notes show the suspects hit a police car several minutes before the end of the chase.  They rammed into police car.

And then later the ending--shots were fired at officers.  Watch out for crossfire.

No gun was found at the scene.

The dispatch notes are all part of a big investigation headed by the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

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