Deadly Chase: New details released in police shooting

Deadly Chase: New details released in police shooting
Scene of deadly case/shooting that ended in East Cleveland
Scene of deadly case/shooting that ended in East Cleveland

New details were released Monday about last week's deadly police chase and shooting.  Thirteen Cleveland police officers fired 137 bullets at a car after a high speed chase.  Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, died in the hail of bullets.

Newly released radio chatter from Cleveland Police details officers repeatedly referring to a gun and shots being fired from Russell and Williams' car during the 25 minute chase.

"Shots fired from the vehicle," police can be heard shouting in the recordings.  "He's pointing a gun.  He's pointing a gun out the back window … everybody be careful."

But, there are also radio transmissions referring to a "pop can" instead of a gun.  "He does not have a gun … he does not have a gun in his hands."  "He has a pop can in his hands.  He has a red pop can in his hands."

The chase started around 10:30 p.m.  Thursday outside the Justice Center downtown.  Two police officers reportedly heard shots fired from a Chevy Malibu that was registered to Russell.

Sources tell us that one officer on the scene of the shooting single-handedly fired dozens of rounds into Russell and Williams' car.  He was reportedly in the police cruiser rammed by Russell and Williams.

All 13 officers involved met with a union lawyer Monday.  The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is now taking over and looking into the chase and shooting.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson answered questions during a news conference Monday.  He said that he wants to make sure every officer involved didn't break the law to uphold the law.

"Wherever this leads us, we're willing to go," Jackson said.  "If people are in the box that's fine, but if they go outside of the box, there will be consequences."

Also late Monday Cleveland Police released the names of the 13 officers involved in the shooting incident occurring on November 29, 2012, along with their corresponding appointment date.

  1. Patrol Officer WIlfredo Diaz #350            Appointment Date: 11-03-08
  2. Patrol Officer Michael Brelo #416             Appointment Date: 10-15-07
  3. Patrol Officer Cynthia Moore #1277         Appointment Date: 10-15-07
  4. Patrol Officer Michael Farley #409           Appointment Date: 04-08-96
  5. Patrol Officer Brian Sabolik #1021           Appointment Date: 01-10-11
  6. Patrol Officer Paul Box #2526                  Appointment Date: 08-19-96
  7. Patrol Officer Randy Patrick #1580          Appointment Date: 08-04-97
  8. Patrol Officer Scott Sistek #1395             Appointment Date: 02-25-08
  9. Detective Michael Demchak #1621          Appointment Date: 10-23-82
  10. Detective Erin O'Donnell #1027               Appointment Date: 09-28-98
  11. Detective Christopher Ereg #767            Appointment Date: 08-30-99
  12. Detective Michael Rinkus #2182              Appointment Date: 01-06-92
  13. Detective William Salupo #1969              Appointment Date: 02-17-98

Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Monday that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is now leading the investigation.

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