Deadly Police Chase: Where were the road spikes?

Deadly Police Chase: Where were the road spikes?

We've found a police chase could have stopped long before it ended in deadly gunfire, but Cleveland Police aren't using a weapon to stop chases.

During the chase, officers called out for road spikes or stop sticks.

An officer can put them out ahead of a speeding car, pop tires, and end a chase.  Cleveland officers tell us their department has them, but they can't remember the last time the spikes have been used.

One radio transmission between officers went like this: "Does anybody have strips?  Does anybody have strips in the car?"
"That's negative," stated another officer.

That chase went on for nearly 25 minutes.  Perhaps, time to end the chase on the highway before the driver got cornered in a showdown that led to gunfire with the driver and passenger killed.

Back in 2002, Cleveland Police put out an order on how the spikes should be used but we checked with several officers, and most had no idea where the spikes are kept.  One said in a storage room.

The state Highway Patrol has them in all cars.  Westlake Police use them and so do some other local departments.

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