Winterization leads to winter saving$

Winterization leads to winter saving$

AVON, OH (WOIO) - It's that time of year again to winterize your home before the snow starts to fall.

19 Action News checked out several things you can do to keep the warm air inside.

"A lot of people think that it's an intimidating long task that's going to be difficult, but, the reality is that once you get into it it's really fast," says Vageesh Bakhshi with Shurtech, the Avon company that makes the Duck Brand.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency you can save more than $200 a year on your heating costs alone.

"An average home spends $2,200 a year in their energy bills.  They can save up to 10% of that if they effectively air seal their home," says Bakhshi.

You can start with your windows by using insulating film.  All you need is the product and a blow drier to seal it tight.

A weather strip can keep the cold draft from creeping inside.  The problem area is usually in the door jam.  A special cover on your electrical sockets also saves.

Shurtech has a new gadget called an attic insulator that looks like a mini-tent.  "Basically forms a dome above your attic staircase and keeps the warm air in," explains Bakhshi.

A couple of winterizing products and a couple of hours.  Most agree that it is time well spent and money saved can help make the winter a little more bearable.

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