Another officer involved in deadly chase, shooting questioned

Another officer involved in deadly chase, shooting questioned

Another officer is being questioned in connection with the deadly Cleveland police chase and shooting that left two people dead.

The investigation into the police officers actions is moving forward, but could take months to complete. The case has now been ruled a homicide.

The process of investigating the case continued Wednesday morning with another of the 13 officers involved appearing at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to make a statement. He was accompanied by a Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association representative and attorney Patrick DeAngelo, who cautioned against a rush to judgement.

He says the officers actions were fueled by the honest belief that other officers had been fired upon.

"They have the right to come forward and give their complete account as to what happened and that's what we're doing," Attorney DeAngelo said. "We're not asserting any kind of a claim of 5th Amendment or anything like that. We're cooperating, giving full disclosure as to what the actions of everyone were. We'd ask everyone in the community not to rush to judgement."

The case is much like one from 2003 on Stickney Avenue where a man pointed a gun at police. He was shot and killed. The gun turned out to be unloaded, but the shooting was ruled justified based on the officers honest belief that he was about to fire.

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