Gift ideas for Men

At a loss for what to get for the men in your life?  They know exactly what they'd like under the tree.

"I want a GPS Garmen for my boat that has a color screen and thermal change in temperature. That's what I really want," said Earl Wank.

For the handy man, you can't go wrong with power tools.

"We have the power drills, the cordless drills, the saws.  Almost anything that Craftsman has, we have available," said Dunn Hardware General Manager, Howard Lev.

Dunn Hardware can also hook you up with hand tools for great stocking stuffers.  And think of how much he'll thank you after the first snow storm if there's a snow thrower with a big bow on it Christmas morning.

Also big this year, sound bars. There's hardly a man out there who doesn't geek out over new electronics.

"The sound bar will take a big screen TV and make the sound as big as the picture.  You can take your blue tooth phone, connect right to the stereo system and listen to music through the sound bar," said Rich Weybrecht of B&B Appliance.

And he says size does matter, especially when it comes to TVs.  So when in doubt, go with the larger screen.

If your guy is a tail gater or a grill master, B&B Appliance has a grill for every budget.

Or get him another gift that'll keep on giving.

"I usually buy him lottery tickets. Maybe he'll hit the big millions and we'll all be happy then," said Verneda Russell.