Editorial: Troubling questions in the police chase

Every community should want to support its police force … and we do.  But the preliminary investigation into what happened last week following a high-speed chase involving Cleveland cops is unsettling and - at the very least- and it questions the professionalism of our department.

You've heard the story by now. Police hear what they think is a gunshot outside the justice center. A chase ensues, and when it ends in East Cleveland a man and a woman are dead - quite literally blown away in their car by a fusillade of one hundred and thirty seven bullets fired by thirteen officers.  No firearm has thus been found in the suspects' vehicle.

Investigations on several fronts are now underway.  And, with what is known thus far about how the cops behaved here… during and after the chase… you can bet that everyone from the state to the FBI will be weighing in on this one.

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