Editorial: Hundred dollar handout

Editorial: Hundred dollar handout

On the surface, these two stories seem similar.  In New York, a wealthy businessman poses as a secret Santa, passing out one hundred dollar bills to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Meanwhile back home, county executive Ed Fitzgerald… also posing as Santa… plans to give fifteen thousand kindergarten students one hundred dollars apiece to start a college fund.

Now, while both acts of generosity reflect the holiday spirit, there is a striking difference.  One of them involves tax dollars.  Guess which one?

A hundred dollars isn't likely to be worth anywhere close to the cost of college when those kindergartners reach the age and furthermore- if the kids are needy -there are all kinds of college assistance programs already in place.

I am sorry you don't have to be a grinch to see that this proposed handout by Fitzgerald is a bad idea and smells like nothing more than a stunt by a politician with his eyes on the governor's mansion.

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