Milder Thursday, Dangerous Furniture, Smoking and Hangovers

The clouds will increase into this afternoon, but we will be warmer as the wind continues out of the southeast. Expect a relatively mild night tonight with the temperature holding in the low 40s. Friday showers will start to arrive in the morning with the next disturbance, expect steady rain by the afternoon. There will be a break in the rain Saturday afternoon before the next front brings rain Sunday into Sunday night.

TODAY: Cold morning with increasing cloudiness. High: 47 Wind: SE at 5-10 mph

TONIGHT: Cloudy. Low: 42 Wind: S at 5-10 mph

FRIDAY: Showers arriving during the morning, steady rain in the afternoon. High: 48

According to the EPA, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, PBDEs and other harmful fire retardants have been used in a wide range of products, including electronics, bedding, carpeting and furniture.  They have been shown to persist in the environment and accumulate in living organisms, and toxicological testing has found that they may cause liver toxicity, thyroid toxicity and neurodevelopmental toxicity. Some fire-retardant chemicals including PBDE were banned and phased out in 2005. But new studies, which were conducted separately and appear together in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, add to a growing body of research that shows that homes have not become significantly safer.

According to a new study form researchers at Brown University, lighting up a cigarette after too many drinks could make your hangover a lot worse.  They followed the smoking and drinking habits of more than 100 college students. Researchers found if the students drank heavily and smoked during the same day were more likely to have a hangover the next morning. And the symptoms were even worse if the students smoked that morning too. How exactly tobacco affects hangovers isn't fully clear.

Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager