Flu flies in early

Flu flies in early

It's here. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there has been a significant increase in flu activity over the last two weeks. Flu season around here doesn't usually hit until late January or early February, but like an unwanted house guest for the holiday season, the flu has come early and may stay late.

"Just the way these seasons go, when you start to see it, it peaks in about four to six weeks, so we should be in the middle of the flu season by the time the holidays come," warns Dr. Charles Emerman of Metro Health Medical Center.

The key, as always, to avoiding the flu is to get a flu shot and it would be a good idea, with an early start to the flu season, to get it soon.  "It takes about two weeks to develop full immunity so now is a great time to go get the flu shot," said Dr. Emerman.

The good news, according to Dr. Emerman, is that the flu vaccine being given this season is expected to be 90% effective for the strain of flu that has come knocking early.  And at Metro this year, they are not taking any chances, for the first time, and they are the first local hospital to do this, all 6,000 employees were vaccinated.

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