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Inside look at Camilia Terry’s life behind bars

Camilia Terry Camilia Terry
Emilliano Terry Emilliano Terry

19 Action News granted exclusive access into the Cuyahoga County Jail for an inside look at life behind bars for Camilia Terry, the mom accused of killing her son.

Terry sits in a cell by herself, and she has very little contact with anyone else.

The jail calls it administrative segregation and says this is for her protection from other inmates, and their protection from her.  This is not unusual in a high-profile crimes.

Terry was charged in the death of her son Emilliano. Investigators believe she beat the child to death, wrapped the 3-year-old in garbage bags and tossed him out in the trash.

The jail tells us Terry gets regular meals and exercise time, plus time out of her cell, but she does it all alone.

The jail is making no special arrangements for Terry to attend her son's funeral. Private services are tentatively set for Friday morning.

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