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Camilia Terry's father will fight for custody

Cornelius Banks, Camilia Terry's father Cornelius Banks, Camilia Terry's father

On the day that three year old Emilliano Terry was being laid to rest in a private funeral service, his mother Camilia Terry was formally arraigned for his beating death.

A few miles away, at the Juvenile Justice Center a judge decided that Emilliano's brother's would be temporarily taken care of by their father's families.  Camilia's father who is Emilliano's grandfather was at the funeral and then also in court.

"I thought she was doing fine.  This was a shock to us," said Cornelius Banks, who traveled from Mississippi to be here.

In fact, Cornelius Banks had custody of Emilliano until Terry came and took her son away back in February.  He says Camilia hasn't told him what happened that led to her being accused of killing her son and then putting him in the trash.  He also says he didn't ask.

"This is my daughter.  This is my blood.  I'm here.  I don't know what's really the problem.  I am just here to show her that I love her.  Even though the media thought she didn't have a family, I have always been here."

Now Banks says he wants custody of Terry's five month old and five year old sons.

"I would like to take them back South where they can have a life.  The city is to me too congested.  The country is a slower pace.  They'll have the opportunity to grow and learn."

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