Pet owner outraged after pit bull attack

Pet owner outraged after pit bull attack

Albie, a year and a half old Samoyed, is recovering after an attack by two pit bulls in the Tremont area this week.

Elizabeth Froberg, Albie's owner, said the attack happened Dec. 6 along W. 11 St. in Cleveland as they went for a morning run.

"I didn't think he was going to make it, two 100 lb. Pit Bulls on him, it was pretty scary seeing the dog carted away covered in blood," said Froberg.

Froberg's says her had to be bandaged from the attack that lasted some five minutes, but seemed like an eternity.  Her beloved Albie, his legs now shaven, covered with bite punctures and is heavily sedated.

The attack happened in an area full of vacant lots and abandoned properties. We're told if it weren't for a passerby in a car, the injuries would have been worse.

"Any sort of runner could have been attacked or somebody walking with their kid," Froberg added.

The passerby drove Froberg and her dog to the Gateway Animal Clinic for the immediate care her dog needed.

Froberg says the pit bull's owners had to control their dogs with baseball bats, implying they knew their animals were vicious.

"The dog's owners came out with baseball bats and began hitting them with the bats," she says.

Albie and Froberg will both recover physically, but the mental scars now have her rethinking her morning jog. Froberg is also concerned the pit bulls will be returned to their owners after a quarantine is lifted.

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