Cuyahoga County ME identifies TSA agent fatally shot at Hopkins

Cuyahoga County ME identifies TSA agent fatally shot at Hopkins

Two people are dead, including a TSA Agent, after a domestic murder-suicide.  Sunday morning Cleveland Police were called to the Riveredge Parking Lot behind the 100th Bomb Group Restaurant, where airline and airport employees park.

Investigators say 28-year-old Ahmad Alkahder followed his estranged wife, identified as 20-year-old Kimberly Alkahder, to work at Hopkins Airport.

Airport reps say he got in by piggy-backing her at the parking lot gate.  There isn't any security there, only parking lot attendants.

"The estranged husband rammed the vehicle, got out of the vehicle, and fired approximately five shots into the vehicle, hitting his wife," said Sgt. Sammy Morris of Cleveland Police.

But Alkahder wasn't alone. There was a male passenger, who's also a TSA agent.

"The other male that was in the vehicle was able to get out of the vehicle and was chased by the estranged husband, who fired several shots at him," said Morris.

He escaped, unhurt.  The shooter then turned the gun on himself.

"I walked over, much to my surprise…I didn't know he had killed himself. I  looked over and there he was," said witness Linda Ullrich.

Alkahder died at the scene. His wife, who passed shortly after at Metro Health Medical Center, had worked as a TSA baggage officer since 2011.  The ME says she had been shot six times.

Police are looking into any previous domestic issues between the pair that may have triggered the attack.

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