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Cleveland police choppers to patrol entire region?

Cleveland Police Chopper Cleveland Police Chopper

We've learned of talks to see if the two Cleveland Police choppers can be used to patrol all of Cuyahoga County, or even the entire region. Fallout from a recent Cleveland Police chase and deadly shooting that left two dead. No chopper was flying that night to help monitor the speeding driver or end the chase.

The chopper unit is short-staffed, and it rarely flies at night. Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid confirms he has asked the city for information about the choppers. If the county takes over the unit, the choppers could end up in the air more with the county covering the cost or maybe with local police departments sharing the cost.

Cleveland Safety Director Martin Flask supports the idea and is sharing information with the sheriff. This has been discussed in the past, but the sheriff says he'll be taking a more serious look at how this might work.

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