New developments Cleveland Fire Dept. pay scandal

New developments Cleveland Fire Dept. pay scandal

New fallout from a pay scandal in the Cleveland Fire Department -- scandal 19 Action News first exposed a year ago.

Multiple sources confirm a grand jury is hearing evidence that could lead to more charges in the Cleveland Fire Dept. pay scandal.

But there is no way to know how many firefighters may get indicted.

Some firefighters were getting paid for no work.  In fact they were getting full pay and benefits and paying others under the table to work for them as they worked second jobs.

So far only one firefighter has been prosecuted.  He served two weeks in jail.

Months ago a special investigator for city hall wrote a report recommending charges against five more firefighters.  The five are suspected of abusing the system in the worst way.

Since then Cuyahoga County prosecutors have said only they're reviewing documents.   Because a grand jury is considered secret, there's no way of knowing how long it will hear evidence about this or how many targets.

Investigators have said the practice of firefighters having others work for them had been widespread so prosecutors have been deciding whether or not to go after all of them, none of them or just a few.

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