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From bad to worse: More trouble for former Jackson coach Scott Studer

Scott Studer Scott Studer

The story of Scott Studer, the former basketball coach at Jackson High charged with hiding cameras in the boy's locker room, just got worse.  An email surfaced Tuesday from a person who claims the coach molested him at his house.

"I am shocked and disgusted.  That's disgusting," said a neighbor.

The person who wrote the email is referred to as Joe Doe.  He wrote was at asleep at the coach's house 17 years ago.  It was in the middle of the night, he was in bed, not asleep but the coach thought he was and came into his room with a flash light and fondled his penis for a second or two then left the room. 

John Doe also wrote, you have a sex offender coaching your freshman basketball team.  His name is Scott Studer.

"Most people I know are in a state of disbelief because it is so bad," said a community member.

Police and school administrators immediately shared the information in the email and reached out to John Doe but John Doe never responded back.

He said it bothered him for years but he did not come forward because he thought no one would believe him.  

So far 74 students have showed up in Studer's illicit video but this latest email could be the most severe allegation the disgraced coach has yet to face.

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