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Editorial: Turning the table on birth control

SOURCE: 180 Degree Health SOURCE: 180 Degree Health
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Well, how appropriate.  A member of our largely dysfunctional state legislature wants to pass a bill restricting the use of erectile dysfunction drugs.

Now the bill, which has no real chance of passing, is the sarcastic brainstorm of Senator Nina Turner who somehow sees it as payback to lawmakers who sponsor anti-abortion laws.  Now Turner's laughable legislation would require any man purchasing Viagra to see a sex therapist and also get a note from an unfulfilled sex partner.

Now, if the folks in Columbus spend more than a minute considering Turner's bill, we suggest you call your state representative and remind him or her that they have far more pressing issues to deal with.  and Senator Turner's constituents have a right to know why she has so much time on her hands to pursue folly. 

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate here's the address:

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