Doctor accused of rape and molestation

Doctor accused of rape and molestation
Dr. Mark Shaffer
Dr. Mark Shaffer

BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Police learned of Dr. Mark Shaffer's ugly secret only after his arrest.

He disclosed to us for many years he had been molesting children.

Police say they don't know how long the doctor would have continued molesting children had it not been for postal inspectors who suspected the doctor was receiving child pornography in the mail.

It was an on-going investigation from their office about child porn and erotica

The doctor's house was searched and lots of child pornography was confiscated.

Police say over time he raped a 12-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl.

During an interview, 19 Action News reporter, Blake Chenault asked, "There is the possibility that more victims could be identified?"

Police Chief Seth Riewald answered "Yes."

Postal inspectors also executed a search warrant at the doctor's office where he practiced internal medicine. Now he sits in the Portage County jail under what could be considered a suicide watch.

Chief Riewald explained that the police department would need to keep an eye on Shaffer, "He fits the criteria of a suicide watch because of the nature of the crime."

Police won't say if the doctor's victims were his patients but either way he is seen by many in this community as committing the ultimate betrayal of trust.

Then Blake Chenault asked police about the doctor's reaction when the truth was discovered, "Did he seem shameful in his admission?"

Chief Seth concluded by saying, "No he seemed like a broken man."

The doctor's crimes date back at least 16 years and police are reaching out to University Hospital to see if there are more victims.

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