Serial Flasher Arrested in Lorain

Serial Flasher Arrested in Lorain
Mug shot of Juan Zamarripa-Gonzalez (Source: Lorain Police)
Mug shot of Juan Zamarripa-Gonzalez (Source: Lorain Police)

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - The Lorain Police Department has become quite familiar with Juan Zamarripa-Gonzalez.  And it seems they have a serial flasher on their hands there.

According to police reports, Zamarripa-Gonzalez has been flashing women and young girls all over town.  The latest incident happened Tuesday as a little girl walked home from school on East 32nd St.

The start of the indecent habit appears to be July of last year.  He was caught massaging himself in front of a pair of little girls, only 7 and a 4 years old.  They live across the street from him.

Then last December, a woman came across him at the intersection of E. 34th St. and Seneca.

"I looked at him to wave him on.  I did a double take.  He turned sideways and I said...oh no, you are not doing that," said the victim.

By the third report in March of this year, police already had a pretty good idea of who their suspect was going to be when they got a report of the same nature.

"It didn't surprise me. When I was talking to the officer, he said I just arrested this guy two weeks ago," said the victim speaking about Zamarripa-Gonzalez's subsequent arrests.

So far Zamarippa-Gonzalez has only been convicted for one case.  That victim is disgusted to hear he was at it again.

"It could have been anybody pulling up to the corner and all I could think about was, my daughter is nine and she could have been in the car," said the victim.

According to the Lorain City Jail, the repeat suspect has already bonded out.  But he's due in Municipal Court on Thursday. Border Patrol is also considering deportation.

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