Inside The Investigation: Police response to the Cracker Barrel shooting

Inside The Investigation: Police response to the Cracker Barrel shooting

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - We're learning new details of how the Brooklyn Police handled a deadly shooting rampage at a Cracker Barrel restaurant back in April.

A final report on the case shows moments before the gunfire, a Brooklyn Police officer pulled up and then put a spotlight on the jeep that Kevin Allen was driving.

His wife had called police afraid he might get violent.  Moments after that officer arrived, Allen went inside and started shooting.

He killed his wife and their two daughters.  The shooting didn't stop until police shot him to death as he was walking out of the restaurant.

The first officer told investigators, the jeep continued up the driveway at Cracker Barrel and he lost sight of it coming around the building.  After that he saw the truck was empty.

Why not go inside to check on the woman who'd called?  According to the report, the officer was looking around the parking lot thinking the guy was outside hiding.

Within seconds of the first shots fired, a back up police car arrived, but the report shows two officers behind parked cars watching the doors.  A woman even came out and said Allen was shooting in the bathroom where one daughter was killed.

The gunfire went on in the restaurant for 3 long minutes with police on the other side of the walls.

We contacted the Brooklyn Police Chief asking for an on-camera interview. His response, "No Thanks".

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