Shopping local for the holidays

Shopping local for the holidays

OHIO CITY, OH (WOIO) - Jennifer Sutowski-Napier is doing some shopping at 'Room Service," an Ohio City store that sells clothes, jewelry and local goods featuring Cleveland based designers.

"You're not going to find cards like this at the mall, and then you're supporting a good cause as well you know the money is going back into the economy, says Sutowski-Napier.

With the help of "Yelp's Holiday Glee," the social media site that allows you to give reviews of businesses, is now pushing people to shop for the holidays in their neighborhood.

"I think you'll avoid the stress of shopping at the malls, and you're also doing good things for the city. You're investing your money right here in Cleveland," says Cara Lagason with Yelp.

Ohio Knitting Mills is also taking part in the event.  Yelp gets the word out and brings in more business to the store known for it's unique knit wear since 1927.  "Last year we had so much success it allowed us to buy sewing machines and basically reopen our sewing factory," says Steven Tatar.

At the German store Hansa Import Haus, they're known for the huge selection of chocolates, hundreds of German beers and wine.  They make great stocking stuffers.  "When you shop in smaller places like this you feel like your helping out your neighbors," says Dave Gatian.

And that's the idea, businesses and shoppers say, buying local makes everyone's holiday a little brighter.

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