43 Forum: Minority Men’s Health Center

43 Forum: Minority Men’s Health Center

Harry Boomer takes a look, during his 43 Forum, on ways to improve the health of minority men as he speaks with the director of the Cleveland Clinic's Minority Men's Health Center Dr. Charles Modlin and Regina Bass, a kidney nurse at the center.

The Minority Men's Health Center focuses on improving health through education and awareness of preventable and curable diseases.

It is through a mission of creating awareness and reinforcing the importance of having routine preventative health screenings that minority men can actively play a role in improving their health and prolonging their future.

This center assists minority men by acting as a front line defense helping focus on specific known issues that are relevant and happening to them.

According Dr. Modlin, the center is designed specifically to help minority men become aware of diseases that disproportionately affect them in hopes that they will improve their healthcare and detect any existing conditions as early as possible.

Minority men's health fair is a unique opportunity for men to get health screenings and patient education. Weekly there are clinics held throughout the year at the hospital. An internist is available to set up scheduling throughout the year.

Understanding the importance of making routine check ups with an internist is important for helping control hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes which are types of diseases that minority men are more prone to acquire.

Just having and keeping a routine check-up appointment with an internist should improve life expectancy. Dr. Modlin shares tips such as routine exercise, combined with a diet low in fat and salt will help to improve your health. Reducing daily stress is important as well.

Being healthy should matter shares Dr. Modlin, because it's key for achieving your optimal daily performance.