Browns Friday: Pat Shurmur's Press Conference

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Press Conference 12-14-12

(Opening Statement)- "I really don't have much more to add from the week, but I'm sure you have a few questions so I'll try to answer them for you."

(On if there are a lot of similarities between London Fletcher and D'Qwell Jackson)- "I don't know. I never really worked with London, but I will say this, I think watching them both work, it appears to me like those two guys do the same things for their team. I know how mature and how much of a leader D'Qwell is. It's obvious to me that by watching them that London Fletcher does the same thing for their team."

(On the job Tom Heckert has done putting this roster together)- "I just know that our team looks a lot different now than it did when I came here a couple years ago. We're a lot better. Our roster is younger. We've added some explosive players on both sides of the football. Time will tell how good these young players are. Then it's mixed in with some veteran guys that have been around here quite a while that have helped show leadership. As a coach looking at it, I feel much better about our team now than I did two years ago."

(On if his working relationship with Heckert is as good as it can be)- "This is my first go as a head coach working with a general manager. Obviously, I had a lot of knowledge about Tom. We worked together in Philadelphia in different roles. I feel like we have a good flow of ideas. We share information well. We've sat down in the past and done what we thought was right, number one, with the roster, then of course each week putting the best guys out there."

(On how much they've talked about the uncertainty of their futures)- "We don't talk about that. I think I've expressed my feelings about the uncertainty of the future and that we're worried about this week's game. The same could be said for Tom and I behind the scenes."

(On how prepared they are for Robert Griffin III)- "We feel good about the plan. We'll see. RGIII has done a good job against everybody else that's planned for him. We'll see. I think our guys are looking forward to playing the Redskins regardless of who plays quarterback."