Heckert Wants To Stay

Browns General Manager Tom Heckert talked with reporters on Friday. He could be fired after the season as part of a house cleaning by new team President Joe Banner. There's been speculation on whether or not he would have to give up control of the roster in order to be a part of the organization going forward. Here's what he had to say on the topic-

On having final say of the roster:

"I'm not going to lie, it's important. It's why I came here. I've said it before, everywhere I've been, I've kind of been the personnel guy even though I didn't have final say. I'm not saying it's an end-all, but it's very important to me."

If he'd stay if that were taken away from him:

"I don't know, that's something I'd have to discuss with the powers that be."

If he wants to return in 2013:

"Yeah, I do. "There's a lot of things... I'm sure we're going to sit down and talk about after the season. But right now, of course, I really enjoy the city and I really enjoy this team, and so that would be the ideal situation. I would love to (stay here), and if it doesn't work out here, hopefully I will do the same thing somewhere else."