Connecticut school shooting hits close to home for Chardon victims

Connecticut school shooting hits close to home for Chardon victims
Chardon School shooting scene
Chardon School shooting scene

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - News of the tragedy in Newtown is striking a chilling nerve for the families in Chardon, OH who underwent their own school shooting in February.

Nick Schukler, who is still reeling from this year's shooting at Chardon High School, was so moved by Friday morning's tragedy in Connecticut that he was compelled to do something. So he organized a prayer vigil at the town square.

"If I can give back just one ounce of what we felt then I will feel this will be a success," said Nick Schukler.

John Gamiere at the Yankee Clipper Barber Shop has lived in Chardon some 50 years and was amazed at how this community came together after the school shooting there. He sees the same thing happening for the people of Newtown, CT but says time may not heal all wounds.

"The community comes together, people come together but you still have those memories," said John Gamiere.

Back at the town square Carl Weindall is taking a little more time to play with his three grand children after learning how many young lives were lost this morning.

"You just give them a hug and they are home for another day," said Carl Weindall.

Back at the barbershop Michelle Rodriguez, a mother of four and youth worker, can't help but feel for the parents in Connecticut whose children were taken from them during what was supposed to be their warm holiday season.

"They were preparing for Christmas and everything and now this. My heart just goes out to them," said Michelle Rodriguez.

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