Cavs Lose In NY On Missed Free Throw

Anderson Varejao was fouled with one second remaining in the game on Saturday night in New York. When he stepped to the free throw line the Cavaliers trailed the Knicks 103-101. Varejao sunk the first free throw, but missed the second. It sent the Cavs to a 103-102 loss.

Before that moment Kyrie Irving stole the show. Irving, wearing a face mask because of a fractured jaw, scored a career-high 41 points. He hit a pair of three-point baskets in the final moments to keep the Cavaliers within striking distance.

Irving injured his jaw in Friday night's loss to Milwaukee. After a busy night at the Cleveland Clinic he was fitted for a mask and slept for only four hours. Irving took a commercial flight to New York and arrived late. Despite all of that he set a new career high.

With the loss the Cavs fall to 5-20.

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