Success Tech Survivor Still Haunted

Success Tech Survivor Still Haunted

October 10th, 2007 was a chaotic and violent day at Cleveland's Success Tech.  It changed many people's lives. Some are still dealing with the wounds and scars they suffered at the hands of a gunman.

The violence that Tiah Sharp witnessed as a student at Success Tech Academy has stayed with her since the school shooting five years ago.

"You're just hearing gun shots, not knowing where he is..there's just a whole bunch of people running in different directions," said survivor Sharp.

"I didn't know where to run, so my friend called me before I started running and told me to come in the office with her, and they closed the door," she said.

Her classmate, Asa Coon may not have hit her with any bullets, but still she was wounded.

"I just recently had a nightmare of him," said Sharp.

She returned to finish her freshman year, and ultimately graduate.  But she says things at school were forever changed.

"Coming back, I was looking for security, right off the bat, because I didn't want another incident. Because after that we still had threats coming in from his brother," she said.

When other school shootings happen, like in Chardon and Newtown, Sharp can relate.

"I really felt it. I understood everything," said Sharp.

She knows all too well the long, tough road to recovery the survivors have, and the scars it will leave.

"I think I'll always think about it. I don't think it'll go away," she said.

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