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VIEW LIST: Attorney General urges schools to file safety plan with state

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19 Action News has obtained a list of schools around the state the Attorney General says have not filed a safety plan or floor plan with the state. The list includes some local well-known schools in Cleveland, including St. Ignatius Elementary at 102nd and Lorain and St. Joseph Academy on Rocky River Drive.

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Friday, after the school shooting in Connecticut, Attorney General Mike DeWine issued a statement calling out the Ohio schools which have not submitted plans. They can be critical for police or other first-responders in an emergency.

DeWine said, "After the shooting that occurred earlier this year in Chardon, and several times since, I urged schools around Ohio who had not yet filed school safety plans to do so. These plans are critical for first responders to respond to incidents at school facilities. I am pleased to report that in response to our most recent call for updated plans, over 1,000 Ohio schools filed plans with our office.  However, there are still 145 schools that have never filed plans with our office."

The group includes two schools listed with the Cleveland Municipal School District: the MC2 STEM school and Campus International.

Also listed, a number of charter schools and even pre-schools.

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