Browns' bubble bursts

Browns' bubble bursts

The three-game winning streak is history.  The Browns did nothing well against the Washington Redskins at the Stadium on Sunday and it all added up to a 38-21 loss to the Redskins.

"I think it's time for a big change with the coaching and the quarterback, quarterback for sure," said fan Beth Bogan.

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden did not have a good day, an interception he threw just two plays into the second half completely turned the momentum in Washington's favor and the Browns never recovered.

"I am a little unsure about Brandon Weeden, at times people see Colt McCoy warming up on the sidelines and wonder if he should go in,  but I am still on the Weeden bandwagon, for now," said fan John Holmes.

Weeden has not had that breakout game yet and that makes some fans a little concerned he does not have it in him.  The offensive line is good, the receivers are improving and the running game is okay, at least when it is used, so why hasn't Weeden had that big game?

Not only has he not had a breakout game, he is more than capable of turning in a complete clunker, like he did Sunday.  Still some fans are not yet ready to go looking for a new quarterback, "He's a rookie so I am willing to give him a little more time. I am kind of sick of the change in Cleveland,  we have a strong core with him and Richardson and some of the other young guys," said fan Rodney Long.

The Browns are in Denver this Sunday to meet the Broncos.

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