New twist in deadly police chase, shooting

New twist in deadly police chase, shooting
Security camera catches beginning of chase
Security camera catches beginning of chase

Multiple sources tell 19 Action News of a new twist in the investigation into a long Cleveland police chase and deadly shooting.

Moments before a long chase that ended in gunfire, we've learned a Cleveland cop pulled over the same driver. But he sped off, and an officer let him go.

19 Action News went to the police union. We're told the officer first saw the car near homeless shelter with people leaning in its windows. The officer pulled the car over and ran a check on the plates. The driver reportedly sped off during the traffic stop.

Yet that officer didn't try to catch him nor did he broadcast it on police radio.

This may explain why that same car is seen on camera 20 blocks away speeding past the Justice Center with an officer scrambling to his car. That began a chase of nearly 25 minutes.

The officer seen scrambling reported a gunshot from that car. Other radio transmissions refer to a gun, too, but no gun was found at the scene where the chase ended.

Thirteen Cleveland police officers fired 137 bullets at the car after a high speed chase. Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, died in the hail of bullets.

Would it have made a difference if that first officer had given chase or called out over the radio about what happened?

Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland police union, believes it may not have mattered. He says officers in different parts of town listen to different radio channels, and they are often unaware what police in different districts are doing.

The state Attorney General is overseeing an investigation. He says it still could be weeks before findings.

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