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Contaminated park packs meeting

WC Reed Park, Brooklyn Center WC Reed Park, Brooklyn Center

Dozens pack into a community meeting inside a tiny church hall to give the city an ear full over a contaminated park.

"What is the real affect?" asked Kelly Martin, a neighborhood mom.

The city faced a lot of questions and lots of concern from residents who live around WC Reed Park in Cleveland's Brooklyn Center neighborhood.

"We're going to return this back to a park and we're going to do it as fast as we can" said Michael Cox, Cleveland Director of Public Works.

The City of Cleveland recently revealed it found trace amounts of a known cancer causing agent.  Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons were discovered in the soil. 

The city is formulating a plan on how to fix the problem and pay for it.  To do that, it's considering the advice of environmental experts to say put clean soil or asphalt on it. 

"We have an amazing neighborhood with an amazing park and we want to get it back up and running," said Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman.

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