Cleveland Police patrol rifles hitting the streets

Cleveland Police patrol rifles hitting the streets
Stag M4
Stag M4

Last week's mass shooting in Connecticut has us looking at whether local police are ready for a so-called active shooter in a school or office.

So we checked back on Cleveland Police plans for rifles in cars.

The city has bought 100 guns. you might call them assault rifles but police call them patrol rifles -- Stag M4's.

We first told you about plans for this way back in early 2011.

The city got the guns in June and as of a month ago, 28 officers had gone through training.

Now the rifles are in cars downtown, at the airport and every district in the city.

The police union is glad the rifles are hitting the streets but looking to get more of them in the hands of officers patrolling 24/7, not just in specialized units.

"You never know when somebody's going to need them. We want to make sure someone is available with those assault rifles during almost every shift to respond to wherever the critical incident is occurring," said Police Union President Jeff Follmer.

The rifles can be critical weapons in situations such as someone shooting up a school or an office because the rifles are more powerful than other guns and more accurate at long distances.

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